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Virtual World

See the water break my hand
No one knows my name
I'm not in demand

Signs are right
The sighs are here
Who needs virtual world
When I can see it now
I can see it now, oh now, oh now, now
No-one goes no-one a cares
No-one seen it anywhere

She's breathing into lone dead stars
Have you ever seen it
I ain't seen nothing at all

Come see the water break my fall
No-one knows no-one comes
Have you ever seen the book?
The one on my help
The one entitled self death, self death
How to earn a million pounds
I can see it now oh the hearse

She's breating down in a hole in my head
In the dirty half light were
Time means nothing at all

I'm calling out to some one
Anyone who'll have me?
Does anyone need me?
Does anyone know how to cry?
What happens when I go?
What happens when it snows?
I bet you could if you want'd to end - Viale Cina, 11 00060 Formello (RM) - P.IVA 05093611001
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