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The Righteous And The Wicked

I can't rest in war
Will you be my friend
Dark ages never change
I can't comprehend

Kiss me we self destruct
Can you hear me lord
Yes I think we're fucked
But I can't rest in war

The righteous and the wicked
War and peace
The killing fist
Of the human beast
Prodigies of peace
Hear me when I'm calling you
From my knees
I am playing for a better day

Holy Mother Earth
Crying into space
Tears on her pretty face
For she has been raped

Killing your future blood
Fill her with disease
Global abortion please
That is what she needs


Are we fire flies
Flashing in the night
Big thunder rumble fish
Did you get it right

Headstrong battlesong
Exploding souls be gone
Marvin Gaye my love
Where did we go wrong


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