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Punk Rock Classic

I'm a radio joe of the biz called show
I'm a rockin' popstar with a get up and go
Rubbin' elbows with the big wigs at my sold out shows
I've been on every cover even Rolling Stone

Put us on MTV
All we really need
Begging on our knees
Please, please, please, please, please

Conforming to the norm straight out of the world
Compromising each and every ounce of soul
I'm a doin' anything for the records of gold
I only want what I can hold


We know that we'll never be better than
Mister slick superstar David Letterman
I promise we'll be perfect gentlemen
Just put us on the show you'll regret us then

Thank you very much be sure to label us
We wouldn't want to cause a ruckus or a fuss
AOR, CHR, top forty, or bust


What I am is a picture on the T.V. screen
Don't make waves don't make a scene
What I say when I play isn't worth a bean
I'm a video joe in an industry

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