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Emergency On Planet Earth

When you gonna learn
Too young to die

Hooked up
If i like it, I do it
Music of the mind
Emergency on planet earth
Whatever it is, I just can't stop
Blow your mind
Revolution 1993
Didgin' out

The Return Of The Space Cowboy

Just another story
Stillness in time
Half the man
Light years
Manifest destiny
The kids
Mr moon
Journey to Arnhemland
Morning glory
Space cowboy

Travelling Without Moving
Virtual insanity
Cosmic girl
Use the force
High times
Drifting along
Didjital vibrations
Travelling without moving
You are my love
Spend a lifetime
Do you know where you're coming from


Canned heat
Planet home
Black capricorn day
Soul education
Destitute illusions
Where do we go from here?
King for a day
Deeper underground

A Funk Odissey

Feel so good
Little L
You give me something
Corner of the earth
Love foolosophy
Stop don't panic
Black crow
Main vein
Twenty zero one
Picture of my life

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