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Celine Dion

ONE HEART (2003)

- I Drove All Night
- Love Is All We Need
- Faith
- In His Touch
- One Heart
- Stand By Your Side
- Naked
- Sorry For Love
- Have You Ever Been In Love
- Reveal
- Coulda Woulda Shoulda
- Forget Me Not
- I Know What Love Is
- Je T'aime Encore


- I'm Alive
- Right In Front Of You
- Have You Ever Been In Love
- Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
- A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)
- Ten Days
- Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
- Prayer
- I Surrender
- At Last
- Sorry For Love
- Aún Existe Amor
- The Greatest Reward
- When The Wrong One Loves You Right
- A New Day Has Come
- Nature Boy
- Superlove


- The Power Of Love
- If You Asked Me To
- Beauty And The Beast
- Because You Loved Me
- It's All Coming Back To Me Now
- Love Can Move Mountains
- To Love You More
- My Heart Will Go On
- I'm Your Angel
- That's The Way It Is
- If Walls Could Talk
- The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
- All The Way
- Then You Look At Me
- I Want You To Need Me
- Live For The One I Love
- Be The Man
- Think Twice
- Falling Into You


- O Holy Night
- Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
- Blue Christmas
- Another Year Has Gone By
- The Magic Of Christmas Day
- Ave Maria
- Adeste Fideles
- The Christmas Song
- The Prayer
- Brahm's Lullaby
- Christmas Eve
- These Are Special Times
- Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
- I'm Your Angel
- Feliz Navidad
- Les Cloches Du Hameau


- Je Crois Toi
- Zora Sourit
- On Ne Change Pas
- Je Chanterai
- Terre
- En Attendant Ses Pas
- Papillon
- L'Abandon
- Dans Un Autre Monde
- Sur Le Même Bateau
- Tous Les Blues Sont Écrits Pour Toi
- S'il Suffisait D'Aimer


- The Reason
- Immortality
- Treat Her Like A Lady
- Why Oh Why
- Love Is On The Way
- Tell Him
- When I Need You
- Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)
- Us
- Just A Little Bit Of Love
- My Heart Will Go On
- I Hate You Then I Love You
- Let's Talk About Love
- Where Is The Love
- To Love You More
- Amar Haciendo El Amor
- Be The Man

Falling Into You (1996)

- It's All Coming Back To Me Now
- Because You Loved Me
- Falling Into You
- Make You Happy
- Seduces Me
- All By Myself
- Declaration Of Love
- Dreaming Of You
- I Love You
- If That's What It Takes
- I Don't Know
- River Deep, Mountain High
- Your Light
- Call The Man
- Fly
- You Make Me Feel
(Like A Natural Woman)
- To Love You More
- Sola Otra Vez

The Colour Of My Love (1993)

- The Power Of Love
- Misled
- Think Twice
- Only One Road
- Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down
- Next Plane Out
- Real Emotion
- When I Fall In Love
- Love Doesn't Ask Why
- Refuse To Dance
- I Remember L.A.
- No Living Without Loving You
- Lovin' Proof
- Just Walk Away
- The Colour Of My Love
- To Love You More

Celine Dion

- Love Can Move Mountains
- Show Some Emotion
- If You Asked Me To
- If You Could See Me Now
- Halfway To Heaven
- Did You Give Enough Love
- If I Were You
- Beauty And The Beast
- I Love You, Goodbye
- Little Bit Of Love
- Water From The Moon
- With This Tear
- Nothing Broken But My Heart

Dion chante Plamondon

- Des mots qui sonnent
- Le monde est stone
- J'ai besoin d'un chum
- Le fils de Superman
- Je danse dans ma tête
- Le blues du businessman
- Piaf chanterait du rock
- Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)
- Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime
- Les uns contre les autres
- Oxygène
- L'amour existe encore


- (If There Was) Any Other Way
- If Love Is Out Of The Question
- Where Does My Heart Beat Now
- The Last To Know
- I'm Loving Every Moment With You
- Love By Another Name
- Unison
- I Feel Too Much
- If We Could Start Over
- Have A Heart


- Incognito
- Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer)
- On traverse un miroir
- Partout je te vois
- Jours de fièvre
- D'abord, c'est quoi l'amour
- Délivre-moi
- Comme un coeur froid

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